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Help! Everything's Gone Wrong!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Parent Skin to Skin with Newborn Baby

You missed the “golden hour,” your baby wouldn’t latch in the hospital, they went to NICU and got bottles…is breastfeeding ruined before you even started? What if nothing is going well?

Absolutely not! 

First of all, milk usually comes in full blast regardless of what you do in the first few days, because it’s part of a hormonal cascade triggered by the placenta detaching. Second, there are many ways to successfully breastfeed. A great breastfeeding relationship with your baby is still possible, providing you and your baby want to breastfeed and you are working towards success. 

(Note: this does not mean you didn't try hard enough if it just isn't working. Only you can say whether it is best to persevere or call it a day. The most important thing is that you and your baby are both thriving. Feelings of grief are normal and will lessen over time. If you're experiencing persistent sadness, speak to a mental health professional; breastfeeding problems can result in postpartum depression.)

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